Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter!

No chocolate bunnies or egg hunts here, just remembering what Easter really means to us, and being grateful for what was given to us.

And on another note....I'm finally feeling much better, and have resumed Massive Cleanup 2016 in the Radio Room, and then on to the garage.

I have three big tubs of stuff to donate to the IT department on the Iowa, and probably a couple of more waiting to be "stacked and racked" out in the garage when I get back to that area.

I've also got half-a-dozen 500GB drives that have very little time on them I'm donating, but I have to check them for any data/files on them that I haven't got backed-up elsewhere, and then do a good scrub on them to nuke any data.

And a huge pile of stuff that's going on eBay in the next week or so, after I photograph it, write the descriptions, and get it scheduled.

I've found I get better results by having the auctions end on Sunday afternoons or early evenings, with the last few bids coming in the last 10 minutes or so of when the auctions end.

In some cases I've had the bidding on the item double or triple in the last few minutes, but that's generally only for items that are somewhat rare, and with a proven history of people paying insane prices for the item.. I had a little DAVCO DR-30 receiver that I bought for $15 at my radio club's White Elephant sale some years ago that went from $600 to almost $1400 in the last two minutes!

I had a $5 "Brown Bullet" crystal microphone that went from $20 to over $80 in the last 30 seconds, and a PK-900 packet radio TNC with the DSP option that went from $75 to $300 in the last 10 seconds, so if my items that start on Sunday haven't done anything by Wednesday or Thursday, I don't generally sweat too much over it.

This time around I don't have any items quite that interesting, so I'm not expecting anything like that to happen.


  1. Hi Drjim, In answer to your comment. Yes, I own a machine shop. I've been in the trade a looong time. Back in the 70s as a young teen I hung around in a small shop and picked up the trade. I owned a large shop in the 90s and have downsized to something that is more manageable just me and part time help. :)

    1. Super cool!

      I learned a lot from my Dad about how to *properly* use machine tools, and I have a great appreciation of machinists who make things from scratch.

      Waaaay back in the middle/late 1970's when I was racing, I had access to a machine shop, and was able to fab a lot of my own parts.

  2. Drjim, glad to hear you are feeling better now. Happy Belated Easter to you too...I am thankful for the reason for the holiday! Ken has some books that I have suggested he ebay, he has collected them for years, and isn't sure rather to donate or sell them. Either would work. I have an Aunt that used to sell collectors books on Ebay...she did quite well, and you are right, those last few minutes of an auction can really get things going. Again, glad you are doing well. : )

    1. Thanks, Miss Lisa.

      Yep, feeling much better. Whatever that cold/flu/virus was that I had, it really knocked the stuffing out of me.


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