Saturday, March 12, 2016

There's Somethin' Going Around....

And I've got it.

Kinda felt "off" the last couple of days, and last night was miserable.

Had this cough that would start right about the time I was falling asleep, so I didn't get much uninterrupted sleep last night.

Didn't climb out of the rack until about 1500 today.

On a brighter side, the Radio Room is about 75% cleaned up, and the garage is getting close to 20% finished.

I have two huge Tupperware tubs of stuff to donate to the Iowa, one of which came from the Radio Room.

Mostly more computer stuff, as the Radio Room also does double-duty here as the Server Room for my media server, and it's also the networking center where all the cables to/from the Verizon FiOS Optical Network Terminal pass through. So, I had several spare 10/100/1000 network switches that I'm not using, FOUR KVM switches to donate, half a dozen brand new 160/250/320 GB hard disks, half a dozen EIDE and SATA CD/DVD burners, and other assorted bits and pieces, all new-in-box.

And I have at least one more (probably two) Tubs 'O Stuff still out in the garage.

I was able to get one set of the plastic shelves emptied, and now one of my big rolling toolboxes is back against the wall, freeing up about three feet of "horizontal" space by the workbench that runs along the entire back wall of the garage.

And I'll have a big box of stuff like coax jumper cables, slightly used VHF/UHF antennas, and misc radio stuff/junque/goodies to take to the White Elephant Sale my radio club has every May to raise money for Field Day.

Off to have some soup and crackers, watch the Reunion, and Final Episode of "Mythbusters", and then hit the hay early.....


  1. You have my utmost sympathies.
    I felt a head cold m on Thursday, Friday was sneeze all damn day, Today it is a full blown sinus busting, sneezing fit, sore throat, burning lungs head AND chest cold.
    I just went down to Rite Aid and dropped a bunch of money for stuff to battle it. I'm sure it will last at least two weeks.

    I hope you feel better soon and you don't catch this nasty mess.

    1. Thanks, Phil.

      Coughed and hacked all night last night, so I'm off to Walgreen's to get some stuff.

  2. You cannot get too much vitamin C...Chewable Airborne, 1000mg vit C, lots of water, emergen C, spaced along with lots of water. Alka Seltzer Cold medicine for stuffy nose and to help you sleep. Works for me every time. Speedy recovery, friend.

    1. Yep, been gulping down "Emegen C" all day....

  3. Get better, those 'spring' colds suck!!!


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