Monday, March 7, 2016

"Ex-Military - - Approach With Extreme Caution"

Just heard it on the scanner.

Didn't look over to see what agency sent it out, but it was a dispatcher's voice that I recognized.

The reason I didn't look at the display, or notice the rest of the call, was that the advisory took me a few milliseconds to process, and then I stopped cold.

I've heard a lot of weird stuff on the scanner, but that's a completely new one!

Next time I hear that dispatcher's voice again, I'll update this post with the agency......

LAPD, North Hollywood Area, Division 15


  1. Oh, brother. It's come to that has it?

  2. I'm mystified by the current canonization of all things military and veteran. There are bad apples in every barrel. The police officer in Virginia was murdered the other day by an active-duty Army sergeant (allegedly).
    Remember, the police are looking for him because he's a CRIMINAL. This criminal has more skills that can be misused for criminal purposes than your average hood rat. It's no different than saying, "MMA fighter, use extreme caution."

    1. I agree, but I've never heard the LAPD give any advisory at all, not even "armed and dangerous" before.

  3. Even given what Old 1811 said, it still pains me that we veterans could be suspected of dire motives simply because we once wore a uniform. The cops are wearing one NOW; any difference?

    1. I think they're more afraid that your level of training is better than their level of training!

    2. Nobody is suspecting veterans of dire motives because they once wore a uniform. They are looking for a CRIMINAL whose dire motives are (presumably) completely separate from his military service. But the skills he learned in military service make him potentially more dangerous to an arresting officer than the skills possessed by the average aspiring rapper who is just turning his life around.

    3. So, a motor pool guy is more "dangerous" because of the skills he's learned?

      The percentage of vets with actual combat experience compared to the total number of vets is pretty low.

      I still don't see the need to give the advisory that the suspect was a veteran.

    4. Motor pool guys all went through basic training, and they all have firearm, edged weapon, and empty-hand skills that your average aspiring rapper doesn't have. Criminals don't want to get caught, and they will generally use all their skills to avoid going to jail. Hence the warning.
      But if you want to take offense at an imaginary slight, I can't stop you. Have fun in your safe space.

    5. I'm not taking offense, and I don't consider it a "slight".

      And I'm certainly not in any liberal-induced "safe space".

      You obviously don't know me, or you wouldn't spout such nonsense.

      Have a nice day.....

  4. Are they afraid that I might pull out a Preventive Maintenance Card and look at their vehicle to see if their mechanic changed the oil and filter correctly?


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