Thursday, March 3, 2016

"Surplus" PC Parts Disposal

Had a nice chat Wednesday with my "Boss" on the Iowa.

He's willing to take a LOT of the collection of PC parts and spares off my hands as a donation to the Iowa.

We'll get a tax write-off on it, which is probably better than the $.02-on-the-dollar I'd get selling it on eBay, and what the ship can't use, they'll take care of selling off through the network of conatcts they have, and the ship gets the money.

Sounds like a "WIN-WIN" to me.......


  1. That sounds like a good deal!! I'm trying to figure out what to do with some old cell phones, a "Palm" device, and a couple inert Asus netbooks we used for entertainment when we traveled - and we're not traveling anymore.

  2. Well, you can always put them on eBay, or drag them down to an "ewaste" recycling center.

    Sometimes Goodwill will accept computers for donation.

    Whatever you do, if the items are going to leave your custody, make sure you scrub all the data from them.

  3. The Salvation Army would be a better place for donations, if they accept a particular item. They actually work to help real people.

  4. The SA is the only charity I donate to.

    As you say, they help real people, and I admire them.

    Unfortunately (for me), they want complete PC's, not piles of repair parts.


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