Saturday, March 5, 2016

Rain Day - No Garage Work This Weekend

Since I need to pull a lot of things out of the garage to get to other stuff that needs sorting/classifying/junking/selling/etc, and it just started raining, I'll be working inside today in the Radio Room, a.k.a. the middle bedroom.

Yeah, like most hams I tend to be a junk collector. Some of it isn't really junk, except in my wife's eyes, but all hams proudly own what's called a "Junk Box" where we keep spare parts for the gear we own, and new/used parts used to build things.

WELL.....the entire Radio Room has turned into to one of the larger Junk Boxes in Southern California, and needs the same treatment the garage is getting.

There's books scattered all over that need to go back in the floor-to-ceiling bookshelves I installed when I moved in here, there's empty boxes from The Great Jeep Radio Replacement Project, there's a whole "eBay Pile" that's waiting to be photographed and listed, some items that really need to be tossed, some boxes of smaller Supra parts, several interior pieces from the Supra (the glove box door, and the two lower dash panels that have the (yet to be installed!) front speakers in them), and I'm sure a whole bunch of other "stuff" to be taken care of.

All-in-all, a nice "Rainy Weekend" project that needs to be done.

The "Blown Scanner" problem was solved by buying a new Uniden BCD536HP model, along with the correct Butel software to easily program it.

The BCD996XT will be returned to Uniden for repair, and then go into the "Radio Reserve" collection.


  1. Soooo... Exponential growth in the garage again??? :-)

    1. HAH!

      No, most of the "stuff" in the Rad Room either already has a "designated place", and it's in here by mistake, -OR- it's getting sold, -OR- it's getting donated to the Iowa, -OR- it's going in the trash.

      I know the room has too much sh1t in it when the dog can't turn around, and has to back all the way out after she comes in to see me!

  2. I've been carrying an attache' case full of patch cords for 30 years. It occurred to me, the other day, that most of the connectors are now obsolete. I should probably toss most of it out ... one of these days. :)

    1. Oh, do I know that feeling!

      The other day I went through the bag I keep my "old" laptop in, and I had things in it like a LapLink cable!

      5 points to anybody who even knows what that is.....

      The bag had to be 5 pounds lighter after I took all the dross out of it!


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