Monday, February 29, 2016

Garage, Part 9,783......

Yeah, it sure seems like that's what chapter I'm on....

I went to Harbor Freight this morning and picked up some moving dollies so I can stack some of the heavier piles of boxes on them. This lets me wheel them around, in and out of the garage, while I get back into the darker recesses that haven't seen light of day in years.

Today was garbage day, so I started with empty trash bins, and I've already got the recycle bin about 1/3 full of cut up, flattened out cardboard boxes and other stuff. I was surprised how heavy the bins were when I wheeled them out to the curb last night, so I'm guessing I've thrown out several hundred pounds of "stuff" over the last three weeks that I've been cleaning.

I've got a big pile of stuff I'm taking to my radio club's annual "White Elephant" sale, another pile that's getting sold on eBay, and a third pile that's going on weridoslist craigslist.

And there's a fourth pile that will get dragged out to the curb tonight for the junkman that prowls the neighborhood.

But, I'm definitely making progress, albeit at a slower pace than I'd like.

At least the dog can walk into the side door, and out the big door, without getting trapped.

And I should have full access to my big rolling toolboxes tonight, meaning I can put away a ton of tools I have out of them, further cleaning up the mess.


  1. As far back as I can remember, I've hated "work in progress" projects. I always want to "git 'er done!", and then get frustrated when something, or someone, takes too long.

  2. Yeah, it can be overwhelming at first.

    BUT....then you start to see *some* progress, and it keeps you going.

    ALMOST to where I can wheel my two full-size rolling toolboxes around. Will definitely be there tonight!

  3. Keep after it, you'll get steps...

    1. Yep, small steps!

      Project for today is to get the two plastic shelving units out from behind my rolling tool boxes so I can push the tool boxes up to the wall. That should free up about two feet of space.

      I've cleaned up, consolidated, sold, and thrown out enough stuff to empty those two storage shelves, so they'll go out to the curb for the junkman to take.

      And I might buy one of the bigger steel shelving units from Cheapo Depot to replace the other plastic shelf units.

      The plastic ones just aren't meant to hold a lot of weight, and they all start to sag in the middle after a few years!

  4. Oh do I know what you are going through
    After just having to move unexpectedly and having a two car garage completely stuffed to the gills with tools, car parts, you name it, I wound up giving away a full size rollaway to my kid, probably fifteen hundred dollars worth of tools and throwing away old British car parts that cost an arm and a leg to replace away.
    Six trips to the dump and that was just the garage.
    Now I still have three rollaways, and the new two car garage is a an absolute disaster.

    It will be at least a month before I get it arranged and I suspect there are things in boxes that I had help packing that will remain unseen until I move again.

    Do yourself a favor and LABEL EVERYTHING!!

    1. Oh, yeah!

      Every single box of "stuff" was labeled as I put it in "storage" from when I moved in here.

      Some of the labels were a bit arcane, but only to others.

      *I* knew what was in the boxes, and that's what counts.

      Just got back from Horror Freight. The dollies I got yesterday worked so well, that I went back and a couple more.

      Sure makes it easier to roll heavy stuff around vs dragging it across the floor!

  5. Hi drjim, I have for some reason always believed there was some correlation between Harbor Freight and Garage, Part 9,783......LOL Could just be me...I am of course just teasing, stopped in to say hello and hope you are having a great day!

    1. There usually is, but only for stuff I really need.

      I might buy a tool for a certain job and only use it a few times a year, but those tools *rarely* come from Harbor Freight.

      Most HF stuff is good for a few jobs before it breaks, but at least it's cheap.

      All my "real" tools are Craftsman, Snap-On, SK, or MAC.

  6. I know you can get some good inexpensive things there, but like you said for go elsewhere...I was being silly..


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