Thursday, February 18, 2016

Rainy Wednesday/Thursday and Garage Cleaning

We need the rain, and I like sleeping when it's raining.

Got around half an inch, and the temperature dropped 10 degrees or so.

Dried out today, but a bit chilly (for Kaliforniastan!), so wearing a jacket while I'm going through boxes of stuff in the garage that haven't seen the light of day in quite a while.

Man, I didn't know I had so much stuff for repairing PC's!

I've got 30+ cooling fans of various sizes used to replace faulty power supply, CPU, and case fans, 30 or more Intel PCI 10/100Base-T Ethernet cards (remember when motherboards did NOT come with built-in Ethernet?), half a dozen or so sound cards, and a wide selection of video cards, with interfaces running the gamut from PCI to AGP, to PCIe, four 500 Watt "AT" power supplies, and all of this stuff is brand new.

I even have a few brand new 5-1/4" floppy drives, along with a good sized stack of 3-1/2" floppy drives.

And BOXES of memory going back to pre SDRAM stuff like "EDO" memory.

Don't have too many processors, except ones that were in the few motherboards I have. Mostly AMD K6 processors, as I was really hot into the "Socket 7" and "Super Socket 7" stuff.

The "rarest" processor I have would be a K6-III+ with a rated clock speed of 550 MHz. Not too many of those were released, and I'm not sure how I got it.

I suppose if I hang on to this stuff the price will go up, but for now, it's just a huge collection of memories from early days of building, repairing, and modifying PC's.......


  1. I thought we had a bunch of stuff, but you're way ahead!

  2. Yeah, I've got this stuff coming out of my ears.

    Back when I was laid off from Boeing, I was picking up some side money by rebuilding/repairing/upgrading PC's for people and small businesses.

    I had a lot of them come in with dead/dying fans in the power supply, on the processor/video cards, and the case fans. SO....when I replaced them I used high-quality ball-bearing fans, and I was going through 5/10 fans per week. People were just happy to get their PC fixed at a reasonable price, and I never had any 'callbacks', although I did have people calling me back wanting to upgrade their memory and/or processor!


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