Wednesday, June 7, 2023

Where The Rubber Meets The Road....

 Getting my audio rack put back together after The Great Hip Incident. Since I now have two Reel-To-Reel tape decks, I had to add some extra cables for Deck #2. I also added a cable to the AUX input so I can easily connect to that input when the time comes.

And the SX-1080 arrived the other day. I was upstairs in the bathroom, and SLW was out in the back yard, so I missed the delivery and had to go claim it in person.

It's very clean, in better condition than described, and was a relative bargain as these go.


  1. I looked at some SX-1080 prices on-line and they seem to go from compromised at $300 to mint at $3k. Looks like you got a deal.

  2. If this one was 100% functional and recently service, the cosmetic condition would justify a price of $2500+. This one needs to be cleaned a bit, polished up a bit, the cabinet oiled, and then it has to be repaired. Labor is free ( ! ), and any failure-prone parts are available.
    I still want an SX-1280, so I'll keep looking. An SX-1980 is over-the-top overkill, and way out of my price range. I'd have to find a local one, and they're pretty scarce.

  3. Nice find! Glad you can still hear well enough to enjoy them!

    1. HAH! Yeah, too many LOUD race cars, auto races, airplanes, airshows, and working on a ship for over ten years will do that to you....or me!


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