Friday, June 2, 2023

SCOOOORE! Mint Pioneer SX-1080 For A Fair Price

 Got reeeal lucky on this one.

It's super clean inside, with a very nice cabinet. The bezel around the tuning dial is free from the nicks and gouges these usually pick up.

I'll be the second owner. This was at a repair shop, and the Owner / Tech of the shop passed away suddenly. It's "Some Assembly Required", and in unknown functionality, but the seller has all the parts, and a list of what was done, and what was about to be done, to it. From the pix, it looks to be all there, and if anything is missing it would be some hardware, which I have from other junked Japanese equipment.

The cosmetic condition alone makes it worth the $1200 I paid, and one in this condition, properly serviced, is worth about $2500. But I didn't buy it to make money on it. I bought it for the same reason I bought my Supra....I always wanted one, and the affordable ones always need a little work, just like the Supra. The SX-780 I did this to is for sale, and the SX-980 that replaced it will also be for sale as soon as this one is back in service. The Supra is NOT for sale.

All in all, it looks like a nice receiver. I just have to make it sing again.


  1. That will be filled with very old leaking capacitors.

    1. Maybe yes, maybe no. I've worked on a lot of these, and I don't just shotgun them and replace everything.

  2. Replies
    1. It's a one-owner radio, and comes with a stack of documents.


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