Saturday, June 12, 2021

No News Is Good News.....So Far

 Well our Daughter-In-Law is in the hospital. She just passed 30 weeks, which is when the had to do an emergency C-Section to get The Little Guy out of distress. She's been really stressed out about the time, which is probably one of the things which made her BP get high (155/85), which can signal pre-eclampsia, which is what happened her first time, resulting in TLG coming 10 weeks early.

Her BP is coming down now, and the New Little Guy isn't in distress yet, but the hospital is going to hold her at least another 24 hours, and will only release her if there's improvement.

So, we have all our fingers and toes crossed, have the prayer candles lit, and are praying that she can go at least another few weeks so New Little Guy can gain some more weight, and have some more development.

It was quite traumatic to her the first time, not to mention the baby, and we think she has some PTSD over it.

Thanks for all your prayers, and I'll keep you posted.


  1. Father, please help the NLG and his mom and everyone involved.

  2. Thanks, everybody. Despite the treatment and rest, she wasn't getting any "better", so our New Little Guy will enter this earthly realm sometime this evening, 10 weeks early like his big brother.


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