Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Ruh-Roh......Western Rifle Shooters Association Blog Taken Down.....

Just hear about it from Phil over at BustedKnuckles.

For the time being, WRSA has relocated here.

And as I saw on another blog.....maybe you can stop the signal.....

Almost time to go back to old BBS' to distribute info!


  1. Things are changing, DRJIM. Not necessarily for the better.

  2. Yeah.....I'm afraid it'll go hot this summer, or they'll pull some huge false flag operation.

    At this point, they'd almost have to set off a dirty bomb somewhere.....

  3. They could go private IP and Wordpress.
    But Tech Censorship is worrisome.

    1. We'll have to see what happens now that President Trump has signed the EO changing their status to publisher. Their previous status removed them from any liability concerning what they allowed, but once they start censoring posts, it's considered "Editing", which changes their class to "Publisher", and now they're liable for what they put on their sites.

      Can't have it both ways....If they want zero liability they have to allow pretty much anything to be posted. Once they start altering/censoring/editing the content, they become liable for what it is.

    2. I've been catching up on my reading my favorite blogs. The loss of Sec 230 protections is a good thing for a bunch of these companies.

  4. Grrr... FB, Gurgle, and now word press...


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