Thursday, June 25, 2020

Taped Up and Almost Ready For Paint

Got the front of the car lifted up about 18" today, and mounted solidly on some NON Harbor Freight jack stands.

I'll lower the hood, and cover the front with some old moving blankets I have. Since this a "Rattle Can Job" the spray won't go very far, and I masked back far enough to prevent any overspray from getting on the car. I'll wipe it down with some prep solvent and check my masking once more, then spray it with the adhesion promoter, and then the color coat.

And this is the table SLW has been refinishing:

She saw it at the local ARC Thrift Shop and liked it, even though it has some really bad spots in the finish. She's been sanding away and learning things, and has just about declared it finished (no pun). She'll probably Varathane it tomorrow and then polish it out after the coating has cured.

This is the second one she's refinished, and her technique is getting much better. She's realized doing stuff like this is NOT as easy as a YouTube video makes it out to be, and that you actually have to pay attention to what you're doing so you don't do some damage that's difficult to repair, like sanding clean through the veneer, something I've coached her about, showing her how thin the veneer is in on spot where a small piece had broken away.

So it looks like I should have this painted in the next day or two, and it's been the #1 item on the punch list since I got the car.


  1. Maybe get SLW involved with painting the car?


    My bodyworking and painting skills are mediocre, but hers are abysmal....she's just getting started with wood, and automotive stuff is completely different.

    Her first husband was a painter, and while she can paint the rooms in a house very well, she can't "connect" any of that knowledge to her woodworking projects. Getting her involved with car stuff would be very confusing to her.

  3. We do a very good job in the wood working part, but the finishing step isn't as nice as we'd like.
    I think spraying is the answer, but it would be a whole new thing to learn, and we don't do enough woodworking projects anymore to learn spraying and get good at it.

    1. After watching Sweet Little Wife fight with brush marks and bubbles in the finish, and then sand the finish off....TWICE, I suggested she thin it a bit and use a very short nap roller.

      It worked, and the surface came out dead smooth.

      I also thought about spraying it, but then I'd have to get a decent sized compressor, lines, water traps, a spray gun or two, and teach her how to use it.

      While a decent compressor would be a very nice thing to have, I'd have to rearrange the garage to fit it in somewhere, and then store all the other bits when not in use, so I kept quiet about it!


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