Tuesday, September 5, 2017

Idiot Kalifornia Drivers

I went to U-Haul today and rented a 4'x6' open trailer, and towed it home.

I filled it with electronic stuff that had value, but nobody wanted, and my wife was yapping at me to get rid of.

As I was towing it to the eWaste recycling place, some MORON in a brand-new Buick "mini SUV" shot out of a side street about 25' in front of me, not even bothering to heed the stop sign, and proceeded to cross all THREE lanes of the street, and get into the left-turn lane. I laid on the horn and got on the brakes so hard the ABS kicked in, and missed her by about six inches. She had a "deer in the headlights" look to her once she heard the horn on the Jeep, and heard the tires screaming for mercy.

I damn near had to stop and change my shorts.....

I haven't seen anybody do anything that freaking STUPID since about 1980 when some young bimbo ran a stop sign about 50' in front of me, and I plowed into her after trying to take evasive maneuvers and realizing I could 1) go through the guard rail and into a 100' deep gravel pit on my left, or 2) brake as hard as I could, slow down as much as I could, and hit her.

She was driving a battle-cruiser class 1976 Chevrolet Caprice, and I was driving my 1975 VW Scirocco. I couldn't get around her to the right, because right after she ran the stop sign and entered the intersection, she looked to her left, saw me coming, and slowed down to a complete stop with her mouth gaping open.

There were half a dozen witnesses who commended me on driving skill, and told the Illinois State Trooper who responded it was "100% her fault".

This happened on the Friday afternoon of a Memorial Day weekend, she stunk of beer, and said she'd been in a hurry to get to her friend's party "before the band got there".

The cop cuffed her, threw her into the back seat, and took her away. He was NOT happy that my girlfriend's little boy, who we'd just picked up from pre-school, had split his head open and was bleeding all over the place.

So anyway.....I dropped off all the stuff after filling out some paperwork because I dropped off a couple of old CRT monitors and some other electronics items the State of Kommiefornia has deemed "especially hazardous", and took the trailer back to U-Haul.

I went back home, picked up the 10 items that sold on eBay, and took them to my shipping place.

Sure enough, on the way back home I met another freaking idiot who can't drive. This one came blasting out of a strip mall on the left side of the road, went across all three lanes of oncoming traffic, and then shot across all three lanes in my direction of travel, missing me by a foot or two, and all the way over into the right turn lane. I was on the brakes (and horn) hard again, and their passenger threw her hands up over her face when she noticed me bearing down on them.

Cripes.....TWICE in one day! WTF is wrong with people?

And I still haven't repaired the brakes on the Jeep, but I'm damn sure getting the parts and doing it tomorrow!

I won't comment on the ethnicity of either driver........


  1. Yeah a similar incident. 1982? T bone by a 16 yr. old bimbo, launched me into three cars in the oncoming lane.

    Yet here I am.

    1. The Big Guy Upstairs was smiling down on you.

  2. Idiot drivers? Winter in the Rockies + SUV drivers.

    1. I haven't spent enough time there yet to see it, but I used to see it when I lived in Northern Illinois.

      My best buddy had a Jeep CJ5, and he taught me that just because you can GO pretty fast in the snow and ice with 4WD, it doesn't mean you can STOP very fast or TURN very fast.

      Sure enough, I'd be taking it easy in the first snow of the year, and somebody in a Jeep, usually a brand-new one, would go blasting past me, and I'd see him in the ditch a mile or two later.

      If they were lucky, only the Jeep got busted up.....

  3. Be careful, the world is full of idiot drivers.
    Had one, in a beamer, go rocketing by me on the way down from Washington. Told him that was not going to end well if he didn't slow down and quit weaving in and out of lanes. Took a while, but down the road a piece there he was, missed a curve hit the center divider, crossed traffic and hit another guard rail, beamer was totaled. Meat wagon standing by to transport.

    1. Yeah, I've seen that happen here, too, Brig.

      Usually some kid in an "Import Tuner" car with a "fart can" exhaust system trying to be all "Fast and Furious", and finding out the hard way that they aren't as good a driver as they thought they were.

      As Mr. Scott would say "You canny tamper with the laws of Physics!"....

    2. That's bordering on racism... ;^)

  4. They know you're leaving... sigh


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