Tuesday, September 19, 2017

T Minus ONE and Counting.....

Good Lord....this is the most monumental PITA I've ever been through.

The packing/loading guys are here filling up the six "U-Boxes" that U-Haul dropped off and positioned yesterday, and "1-800-GOT-JUNK" is coming by for another load.

This is stuff I really wanted to keep, and have definite future uses for, but I'm dumping it to keep peace, or at least try to.

If the marriage survise this, it should be damn near bullet-proof in the future.

My son is coming over tonight after he gets off work, and he and I and the dog will take off tomorrow after U-Haul picks up the U-Boxes.

Per our real estate agent, I'll lock up everything except the front door, leave my keys on the counter by the stove, and set the snap locks, and close the front door behind me.

I'll post from the road, and probably one more from here tomorrow before we leave......


  1. Hang tough! You've got lots of us root'n for you, and to watch your back. I put ya on the Padre's prayer list as well, so you should be well covered.

    1. Thanks, Brig.

      At this point I need all the metaphysical help I can get!

  2. I hope you and MRS DRJIM survive as a couple with this move in mind. Once you settle down in the high country and you have your radio gear unpacked, it will be better.

    1. Well, one radio (my Elecraft K2) is MIA, and that's the one I was going to use with my BuddiPole to try and contact the Iowa.

      The tub it was in, along with the power supply and some other gear, is completely missing, lost somewhere in the garage.

      YAY! Just found it. The lid to the tub had been borrowed for something else, and the tub had some Toyota shop manuals on top of the radio.

      OK....I'm MUCH happier now.....

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you, my friend.

      Hope to cross trails with you some day.....

  4. I hope your wife makes up for all you've had to go through. You are a good man.
    Safe trip and God bless you all.

    1. She sees it exactly the opposite, Linda.

      I spent several hours yesterday helping the U-Haul delivery driver get the pods unloaded, moved into the driveway so they were sited in such a way that they could be easily loaded, and when she came back from some errands and saw me sitting down drinking some Gatorade, she flew into a hysterical rage, again, about me moving so slow.

      She forgets I had a heart attack, have three stents and reduced blood flow, and I'm taking a beta-blocker and another heart control medication that have knocked me down only being at 50~60% capacity from when she met me.

      But nope, always all my fault, I'm slow, I'm lazy, etc, etc, etc.

      Sometimes I think she forgot the "for better or for worse" part of our vows.....


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