Sunday, September 3, 2017

T Minus Seventeen Days and Counting....

Wow...."The Day" is rapidly approaching.

My son came over last night, and it looks like he'll be going with me and the dog on our move from here to Fort Collins. He's never been in that part of the country, and he really wants to see it. He got to be pretty good friends with my wife's sone and our daughter-in-law while they still lived here. He's withing a couple of years of them in age, so they all hit it off quite well.

And he REALLY wants to see his little nephew Noah.

I'm not afraid doing the drive by myself, but having him along puts my wife at ease. AND I'll be parking the Supra at his and my ex's house while we're gone. I'll get to FTC, have a couple of days to unload the trailer into a storage facility and return it to U-Haul, and rest for a day or two. The I'll fly back into Long Beach, Uber over to their place, and head back with the Supra.

SO...instead of loading up the Supra to the gills with car parts and calling a transport company, I'll *carefully* select some tools and spares I might need, and leave a few boxes of car parts for the trailer I'll be pulling with the Jeep.

The YUGE pile of "stuff" in the back yard has shrunk somewhat, but I still have a lot of stuff that I'll be either taking to eWaste, dragging down to the Iowa, giving away, or loading on to the Junk-To-Go truck we'll be calling in a few days.

This is finally starting to get "real", and my wife is stressed out to about "eleven"......


  1. The last couple of weeks prior to moving, for us, was evenly split between excitement, and despair that we'd ever get everything condensed.

  2. Good to hear your son is traveling with you, it will make the journey more interesting. You'll get it all done, and soon be settling in at the new digs. Can't wait for your reports from the road.

  3. If time isn't a factor, Supra + miles and miles of twisted roads instead of the Interstate sounds to me like a grand time.

  4. Replies
    1. Just a question of if I survive and the marriage survives.

      We just had a huge blow-out....

  5. There is some beautiful country to see going that way, you both will enjoy that.
    Bonus round you get to run the snot out of that Supra finally!

    I feel for ya in the mean time, I don't think I could actually count how many times I have moved in my lifetime but it has to be approaching forty times by now.
    There must be some Gypsy blood mixed in with the Irish somewhere, could be the Indian though.
    I'm prayin' for you both.

    1. Not sure if I'll "run the snot out of it". It's an '85 "P-Type", which means it has 4.30 gears in it. Gets a bit buzzy over 80 MPH, so 85 would be the absolute max I'd try and cruise it at.

      Which I will no doubt do through Utah....

    2. My son will only be with me when we take the Jeep, pulling the trailer.

      The Supra Blast will be solo.

  6. We are currently working with the Navy and to get this petition to the President, sorry Iowa might not be a museum much longer, please sign the petition we are very close to our goal we need to return it and her sisters back to the good fight sitting as a museum is a waste of a valuable asset and the President agrees, please sign and help us reach our goal, it will be needed if a conflict with North Korea happens. Thanks, and God bless

    1. While I appreciate your concern for the defense of our country, this simply isn't going to happen.

      The Navy has already dumped all the spare parts for the Iowa class ships out of their warehouses. Most of the equipment and parts have been sold as scrap and destroyed.

      The Iowa would require extensive work to repair turret #2, and the parts are not available.

      There are very few people left who can man and operate these ships, and in the time it would take to refit the only two that could be used, the New Jersey and the Wisconsin, and properly train new crews, any confrontation with North Korea would most likely be over.

      I completely agree that Naval Gunfire Support is a useful tool in the warfighter's cause, and the Iowa class ships can put more ordinance on target in one hour than a carrier can do in 6 or 8 hours.

      Unfortunately the Navy and the Pentagon don't see it that way, and the chances of seeing a fast battleship returned to service are almost nonexistent.

    2. Wow you guys haven't been informed yet?? That's odd you guys should be receiving an envoy of officials from the Pentagon next month an Admiral is spearheading this and 2 ships are being potentially looked at, I guess you guys really haven't been informed yet, I only found out 3 weeks ago but YES a Battleship will return to service its not been decided which one yet, Missouri is off the table we do know that much, turrets will be removed and donated to whichever museum the ship is chosen from, installation of Mark 5 5" guns with sat/digital firing systems I've only glanced at the new BBG/X designs they are being kept pretty much under lock and key and still a work in progress to make it a missile firing platform, maybe Iowa will remain as a museum, but Trump wants at least 1 Battleship, with Russia now having 2 Kirovs in active service and a new secret Leader class is being built by Russia we are pushing for 2, Also the USS Kity Hawk is set to be examined in the middle of this month for reactivation to meet Trumps requirements, I'm sure your reporting president and operator's already know or will be informed within the coming weeks. Thanks, and God bless

    3. No, as far as I know, nobody has contacted us. The Missouri is obviously "off the table", and the Iowa also.

      Turret #2 cannot be restored to service as the parts don't exist, and it's doubtful if we have the capability to manufacture them.

      It's also considered a Military Gravesite, in memory of the 47 crewmen who died the day of the explosion.

      There's been much discussion about the Kirov class ships, most of it derisive. They've been called "poorly designed accidents-waiting-to-happen", and other things even less charitable.

      Two of them are laid-up, with one planned for scrapping, and the other in unknown status.

      One is active, although it's rumored the reactor is damaged and unsafe to operate, and one is undergoing refitting, with an expected completion date of 2021.

      I have readers and friends that are much more on top of things like this than I am, but I'm not sure if they'll chime in.


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