Tuesday, September 12, 2017

T Minus Sven Days and Counting.....

Next Wednesday we bid goodbye to Kailfornia.

It will be bittersweet.....

The movers are scheduled, my 6'x12' trailer is scheduled, and I dragged a bunch more stuff to eWaste today.

I was "saved" from the agony of dumping perfectly good stuff because of the gentleman who bought a receiver I sold on eBay. He lives in Costa Mesa, and came up here to pick it up so he could save the shipping cost. We got talking, as Hams do, and he followed me back here from our meeting point. Together we went through all the stuff I've collected over the years.

He's a "hard core" Ham, and scratch builds things and restores equipment, so he lit up when he looked at the stuff I had.

He took three radios in various states of restoration, all the parts for them we could find, four pieces of old (but working!) HP test equipment, and TWELVE boxes of miscellaneous parts, cables, variable capacitors, transformers, chokes, knobs, tubes, and other stuff.

We had his Subaru Forester loaded to the gills when he left with a big smile on his face.

My wife couldn't believe somebody was so happy to drag a car full of "junk" home, and the huge piles of "stuff" in the backyard are now manageable.

I spent some time after he left consolidating several boxes of stuff into single, larger boxes, and if I keep doing that over the next few days, I should make the piles of "stuff" get down to "Wife Approved" size.

I loaded up the Jeep to the max with stuff I'm taking down to the Iowa, and that cleared off the back porch, and made several of the smaller piles disappear.

Wednesday will be my last day on the Iowa for the foreseeable future, and walking down the brow to the pier for the last time will be hard.

As one of my blogging friends has told me "Colorado is beautiful, but they don't have battleships".........


  1. "Wife approved size" is never going to be enough stuff.

  2. Can you take e waste to the place at any time? Here we can only dispose of it on specific days per month.
    How good it must have felt to find another Ham to take some of your stuff.

    1. "2 specific days per month"

    2. The place is open from 1130 to 1630, Mo,Tu We, and Th.

      There are closer places, but as with you, the days and hours are extremely limited. It's one of the small advantages to living here. We also have places to take "hazardous waste", like old paint, contaminated motor oil, household cleaners and stuff like that, and they're usually open several days per week for 4 to 6 hours per day.

    3. Yeah, I was happy, he was happy, and my wife was happy!

      Besides the $300 cash for the radio he bought on eBay, he gave me another $100 for the stuff I gave him. He said he just couldn't take that much for "free", so I said "Make me an offer", and he popped another Benjamin out of his wallet.

      That money will pay for the three nights my son and I and Pebbles The Wonder Dog will stay in a pet friendly hotel when we drive to Fort Collins.

      My son has never driven through Utah, and across the Rockies before, so I'm sure he's going to enjoy it!

  3. That week will be gone before you know it. Have a safe trip!

    1. Thanks, Linda. I've made the arrangement to store my stuff at the same U-Haul location I'll be dropping the trailer off at, so that worked out quite well.

      And even better, the facility is up on the NW side of Fort Collins, and is only about 15 minutes from the house we'll be staying at!

  4. My wife doesn't realize it but she is very happy I didn't show up with the Expedition. I still regret the good stuff I left on our last move. I cringed when you said microwave stuff the other day. Working HP test equipment? No wonder he was smiling.
    Not that I have any room for anything else.
    I really miss my hb 2m Tilton rig I built back in the '60s.


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