Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Made it to St. George

Had very little traffic leaving L.A., so I guess leaving at 1000 on a Wednesday is a good idea.

Went through Vegas around 1600~1630 and hit quite bit until we got out of the city.

Then smooth sailing to our arrival in St. George.

The trailer tows fine, but I think they should have spread the weight of the heavy items a bit more evenly, rather than concentrating almost all of it in the very front of the trailer.

I think it's a bit "nose heavy", but these guys have been packing stuff for 14 years, so I'll cut them some slack.

Tomorrow will be a drive from the SW corner of Utah up to where the I-15 and the I-70 split. My wife took the 15 into Salt Lake City, and will catch I-,80 go through Southern Wyoming, and then catch I-25 South, and come into Fort Collins from the North.

I typically take I70 East, go through the Rockies, and catch I-25 in Denver. Since my son has never seen the Rockies, I think we'll take that route.


  1. I think that you will need to take the Cove Fort cut-off. I looked at the map and it's been re-named I-70 all the way to I-15, which is a change. Same highway, different marker. I'm very familiar with that land. Used to herd cattle out by the Green River where I-70 crosses it. Think of me pulling cows out of quicksand with a horse during my summer vacation from school as you pass.

  2. I looked at the map, and my memory of driving this 3~4 years ago, and 70 splits off the 15 at that area.

    And that's the route I've always taken.

    1. My memory goes back 50 years when the Cove Fort cut-off was a two lane highway thad dipped down and followed the river. It was quite beautiful then. Now it's just another stretch of Interstate.

  3. Cove Fort to Green River is crazy Kodachrome country.

    1. Oh, boy is it ever!

      We stopped at Salt Wash (?) Viewing area and took a bunch of pix.

      Even the dog was impressed....

  4. Look around in St. George, too. Beautiful country.

  5. Do you get comments sent to your phone? I imagine you're already on the road. Anyways, once you get East of the Eisenhower tunnel, it'll be spotty, and I don't know quite where you'll hit good coverage, but the 145.145- (107.2) is good for ragchew all day. I'm almost always listening on 145.280- (100 usually off).


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