Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Serious Toy Collection For Sale! Star Wars, Star Trek, Marvel, Coca-Cola, ETC, ETC, ETC

Before I start doing the eBay thing on this collection, I thought I'd toss it up here and get any insight my friends might have....

My wife's first husband (RIP!) started buying all this stuff as what he called his "Retirement Fund".

You name it, he bought it. He generally avoided anything labeled "Collectible!!", because as Rick says on "Pawn Stars", if it's marked as "collectible", it aint!

He had over 4000 comic books, all new and neatly bagged, and we "gave" those to the kids. They were able to get rid of them, and make in excess of several thousand bucks in the process. Most of the comics were in the "$1 class", but some of them went for a couple of hundred bucks each, and one of them (I don't remember which one it was) netted them $2200.

We just finished dragging about 80% of the toys out of the garage so we can look at it and get an idea of what we have.

Here's a few pix of what we have:

All of it is new, in unopened packages, BUT, because of the way it was stored, they packages range from "pristine", to dirty, and some of the plastic packaging "bubbles" have popped loose from the cardboard backing.

If anybody has any ideas about the best way to dispose of all this, or any friends in the toy business, please contact me. Some of it she may want to keep, but the bulk of it is available for immediate sale.

As they say in the retail biz, "Everything Must Go!"......

For anybody who might be interested, here's the Photobucket page with just a small amount of what we have


  1. Moving does force a fellow to lighten the load. Those things ought to sell on ebay though, there are lots of people who collect comic books and toys.

    1. The comic bokks are long gone. We gave them to The Kids, and they disposed of them.

      My wife found a place in Wisconsin that buys this stuff. She downloaded their app for her smart phone, and all she does is capture the bar code on the package, and it sends them the info on what it it, and they send us back their offer.

      Best thing is they also send you a prepaid UPS shipping label, so it doesn't cost us anything to ship the items.

      I've been checking out eBay, and it looks like about half the stuff we have has some value. The rest looks like "Yard Sale" items.

      And oh, boy.....are we ever going to have a BIG yard sale!


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