Saturday, June 3, 2017

75th Anniversary of the Battle of Midway

Admiral Yamamoto, who may or may not have made the quotation from which this blog's name came from, told his superiors before Pearl Harbor that if the Pearl Harbor strike was successful, he "Could run wild in the Pacific for six months. After that, I do not know".

Six months after Pearl Harbor was the Battle of Midway, considered by many Naval historians to be the "Turning Point" in the Pacific Theater of WWII.

Wikipedia has a very good article on the battle here, and many fine books have been written about it.


  1. LOL, like minds! I've got a post up on it too!

  2. Strategic disaster for the Japanese.

  3. When I think about Midway, I always feel sorry for the guys flying the Vindicators. I once saw a print in an antique shop up here, signed by George Gay, that illustrated the torpedo attack of VMSB 241. They were annihilated. Gay was the only survivor of that attack.

    1. I met him years ago at the Chino "Planes of Fame" airshow. He was signing copies of his book "Sole Survivor". Sadly, I didn't get one of his books, as at that time I was into USAF aircraft, and not USN aircraft.

  4. I did not remember this. :-(
    And I have not seen any news reports. >:-/
    I thank God for all who served in those wars, and all who have or still serve.
    Be safe and may God bless us all.


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