Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Brother-In-Law Update's not good at all.

My wife stopped in to see him on her way home from work, and she was able to talk to the two neurologists that are monitoring his condition.

They were very frank with her, and said they doubted if he'd ever regain consciousness. When she asked them what would happen if they took him off the ventilator, they told her that he'd stop breathing on his own after "a short time".

They didn't quantify how long a "short time" would be, but she got the distinct impression it would be less than 24 hours.

I'm greatly saddened by this..............


  1. Oh ... I'm so sorry, Jim. My prayers remain with you, your wife, and the whole family.

  2. Thank you, my friend.

    This is truly in His hands at this point.

  3. What Rev Paul said. And ditto on the prayers. I was thinking of him earlier today.

  4. Sorry buddy. Prayers for him and for his/your family.

  5. Prayers up for you & your family.

  6. What tough decisions for the family.

    1. Yes, they are. I hope I never have to be in that situation....

  7. Having just been through a similar evolution with my mother in law, I know how disconcerting all this can be. It's not like it isn't hard enough to maneuver through life as it is.

  8. I've been coming by and watching for this sort of news. I'm very sorry to hear it.

    Our prayers for you and your wife.

  9. Sad news.
    Prayers for you and the family.


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