Friday, June 30, 2017

Small Plane Down On The 405 Freeway At MacArthur Blvd

Looks like he lost it taking off from John Wayne (SNA) airport. Report says it's a Cessna 310, a light twin.

No word on casualties.....

Two survivors were reported. Southbound lanes of the 405 are still closed but Northbound lanes are open again.

Several incoming flights were diverted to Ontario and Long Beach airports. Departures are reportedly unaffected.


  1. Traffic will be a nightmare. It's a Friday.

  2. 405 southbound was closed for several exits on each side of the accident. And I'm sure the northbound lanes are jammed solid, too....

    1. I've heard people are leaving their cars and walking off the freeway to get lunch. CHP said it would be hours and they said, "F-it"


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