Friday, June 9, 2017

House Prepping.....

The handyman guy is doing a bang-up job for us. He's matched the paint perfectly and spotted in all the faded/peeled areas.

He's sanded all the trim and repainted it, finished off my garage side-door installation from several years ago (just needed some exterior caulking and trim painting), replaced some wood that had deteriorated, and helped me pull all the antennas on the South side of the house.

I have one coax and the control cable for the autocoupler to remove today, and then I'll drop the weather station/VHF/UHF antenna on the North side of the house. That leaves only my VHF "eggbeater" antenna that I've been using for receiving weather satellite pictures from the APT weather satellites. That one is mounted on a non-penetrating roof mount sitting on the ground, so all I have to go is get some help tipping it over, and then I can take it all apart.

He might be done this weekend if I get my rear-in-gear today, but since he's self-employed, he'll hang around doing stuff until the wife decides the work she wanted is finished.

New drier got here yesterday and I hooked it up, tested it, and did a load of laundry. It seems to dry much better, but that might have to do with how I shortened up the flex hose from the hot-air exhaust and got rid of a couple of bends in it....with less restriction it should dry better!

We received "preapprovals" from two lenders in Colrado, so we're good-to-go as far as the minimal financing we'll do for the new house.

We told them we were going to put down about $275k cash on a $400k house, and they both bent over backwards to give us good rates on either a 30 year or 15 year mortgage.

Cash is still king, and although we won't be "all cash" buyers, we're financing a small enough amount, and have good enough credit and "cash reserves" that they're both very anxious to get our business!


  1. Sounds like you're very nearly ready - and I imagine that, emotionally, you're PAST ready!

  2. We're getting there, sloooowly!

    I still have a TON of stuff to unload.

    I'd hazard a guess and say we're 75~90 days out.....

  3. It's a grind - take it a day at a time.

    1. Yeah it is! Have all the antennas, cables, brackets and other "stuff" down off the South side of the house, which was the most "cluttered". It's also the side the driveway is on, so making that side look good helps immensely.

      I also cleaned up the phone lines/FiOS installation, and removed the rest of the 35 year old "double cable" that the house was originally wired with.

      All I have to do on the North side of the house is pull down the one set of eave/wall brackets that hold the weather station stuff and the VHF/UHF Packet Radio antenna. The North side is also where the whole-house water filtration/softener system is, and that can use some neatening up. We also have four or five BIG aluminum extension ladders stored there from her first husbands house painting business, and they gotta go.

      Looks like a YUUUUGE yard sale is in our future!

  4. Replies
    1. Thanks! So do we. I think you'd have to be NUTS to pay the $535k that the preliminary estimates say the house is worth, but several in the neighborhood have sold for almost $600k.



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