Friday, June 9, 2017

Life Sure Has A Way Of Intruding When You're Busy Making Other Plans.....

Or however that old saying goes.

My wife's dear brother, and her only remaining sibling, suffered a serious accident yesterday.

His wife called me last night night to inform me, and specifically requested that I withhold the seriousness of it from her, as it was my wife's birthday and retirement party day. She told me what had happened, and that they obviously couldn't make it to my wife's birthday dinner tonight.

Dave walked my wife down the aisle the day we were married, and welcomed me into the family. The four of us always said grace when we had dinner. We were both "Boeing Guys" at the time. and while I could talk about what I worked on, he couldn't. He served proudly in the Army, enlisting at age 18 to get away from an uncomfortable relationship with his father. He was in the Army for quite a few years doing "Something in Security" that he didn't talk about. He started working for McDonnell-Douglas shortly after an Honorable Discharge from the Army, and stayed with the company after it;s acquisition by Boeing.

This poor man has suffered mightily the last few years. First, he was diagnosed with Parkinson's Disease, which caused him to take an early retirement. He had quite a collection of woodworking tools, and was looking forward to that in his retirement. Those plans had to be canceled as it simply wouldn't be safe for him to operate large power tools.

He accepted it, and continued with his life.

He had the "experimental" surgery done where they implanted an electrical stimulation device in his brain, and for a year or so it was working well. As with all "experimental" surgeries, the results are not guaranteed, and he had to start taking his medications again.

He accepted it, and continued with his life.

Last year he required a procedure to place three stents in his cardiac arteries, like I had done several years ago. With all the medications you're required to take when you have this condition, it knocked him down some from his previous level of activity, just like it did to me.

He accepted it and continued with his life.

Yesterday as he was getting out of the car after returning from dinner with his wife, he started to fall, as he's had trouble walking the last year. His wife said he tried to speed up to catch his balance, but tripped and took a header onto his concrete driveway. He was taken to Long Beach memorial Hospital last night, and at this time is still in the ICU. He has a "brain bleed", causing pressure on his brain, and the bleeding is quite significant due in no small part to the blood thinners he was taking.

They had him pretty sedated to calm him, but he's no longer responsive, and he's on a ventilator.

The CAT scans taken show extensive bleeding and pressure on his brain.

Today his Doctors had The Talk with his wife concerning what his wishes were if he was ever in the situation of possibly never regaining consciousness.

We haven't heard what she and his two sons had decided, if anything. We talked to the staff at the ICU unit an hour or so ago when we went to visit him, and they said it's one day at a time right now, literally hour-by-hour, and far too early to make any diagnoses, prognoses, or decisions on future care.

My poor wife is devastated by this, and I just have one of those Bad Feelings you sometimes get........


  1. Prayers offered for your brother-in-law and your family.

  2. Hope it is just one and not the start of three.

  3. TBH and I have your family in our thoughts and prayers, Jim.

  4. Life is what happens while you're making other plans. I'm sorry for your brother-in-law's trouble, but given his other medical history, it seems that this is one of those things that you find difficult to just bounce back from.

    My best to you, your wife and your families. I'm close. What can I do to help? You have my number. Please call if I can.

  5. Prayers for your family.........

  6. May the Lord hold all of you closely, and suffuse you with His love and comfort. And may He heal Dave quickly!

  7. Thanks, everybody.

    She just got back a few minutes ago from visiting him.

    No change, and the duty nurse told her it's too early to know anything yet.

  8. My thoughts and prayers with you and your wife and your brother-in-law and his family.

  9. Thoughts and prayers for him and y'all.

  10. Let me add my best wishes, with prayers for your wife and her brother.

  11. Damn sorry to read this. He has had a rough road. I am glad you can be there for him. Prayers up for your brother-in-law and your families.

    1. Here's a bit of Colorado for you:

  12. Seems like you've had a lot of stressful things to deal with in the past few months. I sure hope things settle down and you can get some stress relief soon.

  13. Hate it for him and all involved. Best wishes prayers for him.


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