Saturday, July 30, 2016

Prepping the House For Sale, Part 1

Of no doubt MANY additional posts.....

Even though my wife is vacillating a bit on moving, we've started doing the first of our preparations to sell the house we're in.

Yesterday we cleared out the living room and she started patching all the cracks and dings in the walls so she can paint.

The house has settled noticeably since I moved in here 7 years ago (been that long?), due I'm sure to the extreme drought Southern California has been having.

Parts of the back yard have slumped, the dirt is pulling away from the foundations, and the front porch has settled enough that there's a definite gap where it meets the house.

Her oldest son filled the gap with expanding foam when he hung the new new interior and exterior doors, but we have to come up with some kind of trim strip to hide the foam.

That'll be "on me", as he works even slower than I do! I have to cut him some slack, though, as doing doors is what he does for a living, and while he does superb work on the doors, door frames, and other trim, he's used to having the rest of his crew finish up all the little details for him

SO.....yesterday my wife scratched out and "vee'd" all the cracks, filled them with some new high-tech glop she bought, and this morning she sanded the filled spots. She just finished masking off all the trim, and she'll do the painting tomorrow. Then I can help her move all the stuff back, and the dining area and living room will be finished.

We did the bathroom late last year and it still looks good. She did the front bedroom early last year, and since it's closed up all the time, it still looks fine. That leaves our bedroom, and this room, the "Radio Room" to do.

Not sure when we'll do our bedroom, but I suspect THIS room will be the last one we do......

Time to head out to the garage so I can unearth all the stuff to rebuild the front suspension on the Supra, which is this week's project.


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    1. Yeah, this is going to be a major undertaking, which is why we're starting almost a year early!

  2. Replies
    1. Yep, it's definitely a huge task, especially "at our age"...

  3. Sounds like the honey-do list just SERIOUSLY expanded...LOL And yes, you DO have to do all those 'little' things... sigh

    1. Yeah, and she's gonna be whining the entire time until it all gets done....

  4. This last fall, I did a hellish amount of work on the buildings here, fall is about the only time it's warm enough but not too warm, to work outside. I don't enjoy that kind of thing, but I am trying hard to keep the place up. So I can sympathize with you.

    1. Yeah, it's been a real PITA to me.

      She got paint on the surround sound speakers (oh don't worry honey, I can paint around them), paint on two of my radios that were on the computer desk, and paint drips on the wallpaper.


      It would have taken me several days per wall to flatten them properly (poor past repairs) and get them painted. That wouldn't have been acceptable, so I just let her do it.

      Next time I'll make sure everything is properly covered....


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