Saturday, July 2, 2016

Battleship Iowa Interior Panoramic Views

In case you haven't been to the site that hosts these, or haven't been lately, there are a LOT of areas that have now been photographed, and added to the site.

One of the recent improvements to the museum area on the second deck has been the installation of some 60" (I think) monitors that have interactive views of all these.

There's a mouse, or track ball, or other pointing device, and the public can select the area of the ship that they want to see, and "explore" it in a Virtual Reality kind of way.

These are almost all areas that are Off Limits to the public, and I haven't even been to most of them.

The fact is, at my age I don't think climbing up to the "O-12 Level" is much fun, and going all the way down into the bowels of the ship isn't much fun, either, so I'm grateful that the photographer has been allowed access to the ares, and done such a knock-out job in documenting them.

I haven't been down to the museum area in a while, so not having seen the new exhibits, I'm fuzzy on the details, but knowing the quality of work that our crew does, I'm sure it's quite impressive.


Panoramic Views of the Interior of the Battleship Iowa


  1. It must be amazing for you to be able to spend time on that ship. If bulkheads could talk.....

  2. Yes it is.

    We're the stewards of her now, and we do our best to take good care of her.

    There have been times when I was working in a space by myself and I thought I heard somebody come in, only to turn around and be greeted by......NOBODY.

    It can be a little spooky at times....

  3. Very nice! and it's a good tour!

  4. And if you edit the URL to just "" he has many panos of other ships and "stuff".

  5. Very cool, Jim.

  6. I met the guy who takes the pictures and stitches them together a few months ago when he was onboard to shoot some new areas.

    He'd originally requested to do this for a few areas, and was somewhat skeptically approved.

    When the management saw the extreme quality of the work he did, they went back to him and asked if he wanted access to any other areas!

    Pretty cool guy, and very nice to work with.


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