Thursday, July 21, 2016

Arrived in Fort Collins

Got here about 1630 local time, and by the time we got the car and got to the hotel it was 1900.

My wife made all the reservations through Travelocity, and picked an "economy" car at Hertz.

Sorry, but I'm NOT driving a Chevy Spark!

I prefer something just a bit bigger than a motorized roller skate that loses big time in a collision with a large dog.....

SO....we went with a Nissan "Rogue", a mini SUV. It has a ton of room for a small car, drives pretty nicely, and was a good deal.

It's a bit low on power, but does 75 on the highway just fine, and moves out smartly around town.

As expected, Diamond and Coco (the two dogs the kids took with them when they moved) went absolutely bonkers when they heard our voices.

The wife and DIL are out "shopping" for a bit, and I'm catching up on all the email that came in while we were traveling.

More to come......


  1. Do you have any of those "atomic" clocks or watches? I'd be curious if they sync perfectly there, or if there are any undesired propagation effects.

    I have one clock (branded MFJ) that has always been a dog about syncing. It hasn't successfully locked onto WWVB in about a month - we go through this every summer. Far worse is that it regularly will say it has done a sync the previous night, but it will display an utterly random time, date, month, year, or all of the above.

    1. My Casio "G-SHOCK" watch syncs to WWVB, and syncs without issue here.

    2. And all my "Atomic Clock" stuff syncs up just fine back in long Beach.

  2. Just a warning. The toll road from DIA is a ripoff. They will bill against the plate on your rental. Some rental agencies charge hefty charge against your credit card several days to weeks after you leave. Suggest you get a firm settlement when you return your car.

    To avoid going back that way, I-25 to I-270. I-270 to I-70. Exit Pena Blvd to DIA. Will add 20 miles and 45 minutes during peak hours.

    1. The last two times we've rented a car here it's had a toll-road 'transponder' stuck on the windshield.


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