Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Hillary Gets a Pass.....

I'm shocked, I tell you...just shocked.

OK, folks...it's official now. The Rule of Law is now DEAD and BURIED in the Former United States of America.

The FBI said they couldn't find "intent" to violate the laws regarding the handling of classified information.

Well, Bubba...if you or I did the same thing, just the act of setting up our own private server, which is itself a CLEAR violation of the law, would have been plenty of "intent" to violate the law and gotten our sorry asses sent to a Federal-Pound-You-In-The-Ass prison.

Stick a fork in the USA, man.....it's DONE.....


  1. #%^* Fan Belt Inspectors. (Sorry, that is as civil as I can get)

  2. I always preferred Famous But Incompetent.

  3. The paranoid psychopath apparently had no intent to deceive.

  4. Federation of Blithering Idiots?

    No more reason to vote. We are now the United Socialist States of Amerika, Comrade.

  5. Feral Bastards of Incompetence?

    Let's keep this going....


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