Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independanve Day!

I'll be headed out to the Iowa in a few minutes to finish installing the LP-PAN panadaptor I got for NI6BB.

The audio cables that transport the "I" and "Q" signals from the box to the M-Audio sound card were a bit too short, and too stiff, and the BNC cable that transports the IF signal from the TS-850 to the box had BNC connectors on both ends, while the radio uses an RCA connector for the IF out.

SO, after I got home from the ship yesterday, I made some new cables that should work much better.

Don't eat too much today, and remember what the holiday is all about.

Like I have to remind my readers about what it means.....


  1. Thank you for all you do. Don't give up the ship!

  2. I'll miss the Iowa, my friends, and the weather (mostly) when we get out of here.

    The rest can go to h3ll!

  3. I hope your fourth is a good holiday.


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