Friday, July 1, 2016

WTF...No More Silver Plated BNC Male Connectors for RG-8X???


Just looked at all my usual suppliers, and these seem to be NLA.

There are plenty available for RG-58/58 foam, but none for "Cable Group X", which also includes LMR-240.

I could use RG-58 for this little project, but in my humble experience, RG-8X stands up better to rough handling.

It's just to make some 3~5 foot jumpers for 3~30MHz, so the loss of the cable is irrelevant, but as I noted, 8X stands up to rough handling better than 58 does.

sigh.....looks like I'll have to use 58, which means a trip out to the garage to see if I can dig up the roll of RG-58 I bought years ago.

I knew I should have stocked up on these the last time I ordered them.

Good quality connectors and adapters to an "RF Guy" are like ammo to a's hard to have "too much/too many"!


  1. All the ones on eBay are nickel plated. :(

  2. Yeah, I tried all The Usual Suspects for finding these, and NADA.

    It's going to be for a 3' jumper carrying the 8.83MHz IF signal from our Kenwood TS-850 to a TelePost "LP-PAN" SDR panadaptor.

    I could probably use wet string and get away with it...

  3. Huh. Browser crashed when I hit the publish button. Anyways, check this guy:

  4. Thanks, jed. I just shot him an email.


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