Sunday, June 21, 2015

Yes, I'm Messing With The Layout

I got kind of tired of the orange and brown, so I picked another canned theme, and tweaked it a bit.

If it displays weirdly on your PC, PLEASE LET ME KNOW, and I'll try and make it more compatible to more readers.

I have a 24" wide-screen monitor, but a lot of you may not, so what looks "good" to me might look really bad to you.....


  1. Looks good in Firefox on my 20" monitor.

  2. Geez....I might actually be learning how to do this!


  3. ARGH!!! The change! It burns!

    But it does look kinda good, I suppose. However, it is now over-wide for me, as I have a smaller screen.

    1. I'll dial it back a notch....

    2. Alas, no. But I'll deal with it if I must.

    3. OK, I "narrowed" it a bit more.

      Are the words wrapping around onto themselves?

      What size monitor are you using, and what's your screen resolution?

  4. I use wide-screen monitors, too, and it looks GREAT from here.

  5. Looks good on the iPad also. Lots better than the old format which wasn't iPad friendly at all.
    And good on the other monitors. Black on white is better for old eyes.

  6. Just a note to say it looks good on my end, both on the iPad and larger monitor.


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