Monday, June 15, 2015

"Electric" V-8 Engine

Pretty clever...

It's one of those "What If...." scenarios where the thinking goes "What if I replaced the internal combustion mechanism (pistons driven by expanding gas) with something else that pushed the connecting rods down to turn the crankshaft?".

See for yourself.....


  1. That's cool!! There are some talented people out there.

    Glad I got to see it before the oil companies buy it OR the guy that built it dies in a car crash on a cold rainy night out in the middle of no where.

  2. VERY cool. I don't know about the torque rating, nor about its longevity if asked to actually propel a vehicle, but still ... :)

  3. Turns out these are quite popular.

    I've seen 5 and 7-cylinder radials, V-12's, V-Twins (like a Harley), and even a single cylinder.

    They're efficiency is very low, and power/torque aren't very high, but it's an interesting play thing.

  4. You answered my question with your last comment... :-)

  5. I knew I should have watched this when I first saw the post.
    Very interesting and way cool.

    I see it still has a tiny little cam shaft in it to keep the "firing order" straight!
    That must have taken some serious skill to grind that little puppy.


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