Wednesday, June 3, 2015

How'd I miss This? Grace Lee Whitney Passed Away May 1st

Holy smokes....Yeoman Rand is no longer with us!

I ran across this looking at some webpage, and went to the UPI page that had the article.

RIP, Grace.

More about here carreer here and here.

One of here first TV appearances was as "Carla" in the Outer Limtis episode titled "Contolled Experiment". Even watching that episode after "Star Trek" had beem on, I still didn't realize it was her until I watched the credits.


  1. Yep, sad loss, and we're all aging out...

  2. Yeah, and it sucks.

    We're starting to lose crew members on the Iowa due to old age.

  3. She was SMOKING hot. Every teenage boy's fantasy -- go go into space with Yeoman Rand seeing to your every possible need.

  4. She led a rough life, but became a Christian, got her life together, and spoke to a lot of people about her experiences. She'll be missed.

    And what Old NFO said.

    1. Yep, she and I share a similar problem, and I was always a cheerleader for her.

      Glad to see she found God and Christ, too.

  5. I lucked out and was able to meet her at one time.
    Able to get her autograph. Best one ever.
    One of my big crushes back in the day.
    She was very nice and still looking great when I met her.

    1. Never got to meet her, or even be at an event she was at.

      The closest I've come to meeting someone like her is meeting Linda Vaughn (Miss Hurst Golden Shifter) numerous times at various car events.


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