Tuesday, June 16, 2015

"Music Under The Guns" on the Battleship IOWA

Almost forgot to post this.

Last Saturday we had a "Volunteer Recruitment Fair" where prospective volunteers came and talked to representatives from all the various departments and groups to see if they'd like to join the crew and help with the ship.

I was sitting in for the leader of our "Gray Radio Group" who was on vacation, and met a lot of people who were definitely interested in joining the crew and working on the ship.

After the fair was over, my wife came down to the ship to join me for the "Music Under The Guns" program.

The Iowa runs several very low-cost ($10 or less per person) programs that include music, movies, and other events.

This month was music, and we had the tribute band "Fortunate Son"  playing for us from 1430 to 1700.

I've seen these guys before, and they're great. See them if you ever have the chance to do so. You'll really enjoy them!

And yes, they literally played "under the guns", with the stage set up just aft of Turret #3!


  1. Yep, we had a very good time!

  2. Absolutely!

    If you and Partner and/or Dad ever get out here, I can "host" you on the ship, and show you some behind-the-scenes stuff.


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