Sunday, September 8, 2013

We Bought A Car

After going to several dealers where we were either treated rudely, or told "These are HOT right now, so the list price is the best we'll do!", a guy from the Hyundai dealership up in Commerce called.

My wife had put out a "Request for Quotation" to an Internet service, and he was one of the people who received the RFQ.

I told him the prices the other places quoted, and he said he couldn't beat them by much, but he could beat them.

So, after running some errands and getting some dinner, we drove up to Commerce, about 12 miles North of the LBC.

The dealership was in a decidedly 'low rent' area, but was very clean, and the buildings and service area were probably the best kept in the area, always a good sign.

The guy we talked with was able to beat the "best" price we got by almost $300, and told us they would deliver the car here, and spend about 30 minutes with us going over the features, and finishing the paperwork.

One of the things that sealed the deal was that my wife was very comfortable talking to him and the finance people, who treated us as friends, didn't try to force any other options or "dealer installed" equipment on us, and walked us through the paperwork jungle in less than half an hour, which is a record in my book!

SO.....Tuesday or Wednesday they'll drop the car off, and my wife will be cruising around in a brand-new RED Hyundai Eleantra GLS with the "Preferred Package" with 2.9% financing on the balance.

Since the gave us over $8500 for her poor little Nissan Sentra, and we're putting some more down, the monthly payment is well under $200 for 48 months.

I'll post a pic after we get the car.


  1. Doesn't sound too shabby - good on ya!

  2. Sis just bought a bright red Elantra coupe (she really likes the two doors) and it is one sharp little puppy. I can even get in and out of the thing, and it seems to have some poop under the hood. I thought she did well.

    I'll bet your wife will like it a lot!

    1. So far she loves it, Jeff.

      They "gave" us a bunch of stuff that wasn't on the sticker because we'd already signed the contract, and they weren't sure what was coming with the car other than it was an "Elantra GLS with the preferred package".

      So, it came with the carpeted floor mats, trunk cargo net/holder, a first aid kit (pretty comprehensive), and the mud guards.

      And they tinted the rear window and rear side windows.

      So far, so good!


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