Thursday, September 19, 2013

Another "Senior Moment"....

Aw, rats....

I was driving home from the store tonight with a *killer* idea for a post, and.....POOF!....out of my head it went.

And I don't even remember what subject I was going to post about.....

I'm just going to have to start carrying my little voice recorder so I can capture these moments when I have these truly brilliant flashes of inspiration to inform and entertain you with.

In the meantime, as a lot of people have been saying lately.....I got nothin.....


  1. Just don't lose the recorder... :-D

  2. HAH!

    That would be too much like when I make a list of things I need from radio Shack or Home Depot.....and then I LOSE THE LIST!

  3. +1 Old NFO; you wouldn't be the first person I know who duct-taped the recorder to the steering wheel.

  4. Duct tape?

    Naaaaa.....way too messy.

    Everybody knows you cable tie it to the steering wheel!


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