Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Uh-OH....Wife just got in 4 Car Accident *UPDATE*

Hit in the rear in a multi-car accident.

She was the second car in line.

More to follow, but I'm on my way to pick her up......


She seems to be OK...a little sore in her back and shoulders.

There's a set of railroad tracks on the road she takes to work every day. A tanker truck had come to a full stop before crossing the tracks, and she was the second car behind the tanker, with another small car (a Chevy Cobalt) behind her.

A guy in a full size pickup didn't see the line of stopped cars ( ! ) waiting for the tanker to cross the RR tracks, and plowed into the car behind her at about 45~50 MPH. The little Chevy Cobalt then almost went _under_ the rear of my wife's Nissan Sentra, pushing her into a Nissan Maxima.

As expected, the little Cobalt took the brunt of the collision, and the rear of my wife's Sentra absorbed most of the rest.

The front of her car wasn't too badly damaged, but it'll still need a bunch of new parts.

So, she's home now, and on the phone with our insurance company.

Thankfully, we have a good company, with good coverage, including rental car.


  1. Wow. I hope that she's ok. Please keep us up to date on this.

  2. Adding my best wishes to those above. I have some understanding of how frightening that phone call can be. I once answered my cell phone for an incoming call from a dear friend and coworker. What I heard when I answered was, "an accident... there's blood... please come..." He was not particularly coherent. Took a while to figure out where he was and a good bit of convincing to get him to take the ambulance ride he needed. He was fine soon enough but he'd gotten a good whack on the noggin' and bled a fair bit.

    Those are not enjoyable calls.

  3. Best wishes and prayers for her. Fingers crossed here!

  4. Hope she is ok, and make her go get checked over!

  5. What a shame. At least she's well and alive. God protects his angels...

  6. Glad she's okay. That truly sucks!

  7. Glad she's okay. That truly sucks!

  8. After we picked up her rental car. she went in to work. Her boss told her "You hurt? GO HOME and have Jim take you to the clinic, NOW!".

    So she came home, and drove herself to the walk-in clinic about 2 hours ago. I haven't heard anything from her yet, and she's still there.

  9. Having been the 'filler' for a similar type accident, they are nothing to trifle with. Make sure that your insurance company treats you properly and fairly - mine didn't. I was on military assignment nearly 3000 miles from home of record and they wanted to replace my totaled (bent frame among other things) vehicle with something comparable based on NW prices vice mid-Atlantic prices which were about 30% higher. Needless to say I came out on the short end of that deal - plus they refused to renew my policy when it came due.
    And of course getting her checked out is a good thing, even if she gets a clean bill of health.

  10. We looked up the KBB value for her car. It has an estimated trade-in value of about $6k, and a Private Party value of about $5.3k.

    In days of old, they'd "total" a car when the damage cost hit 75~80% of KBB.

    I'd SWAG a $3k~$4k repair bill for it because we will insist on genuine Nissan parts. I've seen way too many Chinese "pattern parts" that don't fit properly, are made from inferior steel, and are not properly primed after being made, leading to rust a few years later.

    It only has 50,000 miles on it (it's a 2005), and I just put 4 new struts in it, had the front rotors and rear drums surfaced, and put new pads and shoes in it.

    Last month we took it to the dealer for the 50k service, and they kept asking her if she wanted to trade it in!

    The really sad thing was she just filled the gas tank this morning.

    Hope it has a full tank when (if?) we get it back.


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