Sunday, September 8, 2013

How Much Is The Gun Business Worth?

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  1. Another "inconvenient truth" for the global disarmament crowd. :)

  2. I could do without the use of simulated gunfire as punctuation, but it's interesting data, for sure. Of those 130,000 dealers, the vast, vast majority are mom and pop stores or small chains (Buds, Impact Guns). The big guys, Gander, Cabela's, BassPro, are not the typical gun seller.

    If we had more modern laws than we do, the market would be ripe for an Amazon equivalent to be The Internet Gun Store (tm). What does filing a form at a dealer do for you that electronic security and encrypted ID couldn't do? Of course, the small dealers are the biggest advocates of the status guo. Every other item you can buy has competition between local sellers and online or mail order - the camera biz, for example, has had it forever.


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