Friday, July 19, 2013

"That's One Small Step....."

Apollo 11 made the first manned Moon landing today in 1969.

I watched it live.

I'll never forget it.

Why can't the USA do things like this today? Where are our next generation (I figure we're at least 3 'generations' behind by now) of Engineers and scientists going to come from?


  1. I too shall never forget time flies.

  2. I watched it in a small cafe in St. James, Missouri. Very exciting then, and so disappointing now.

  3. I also remember watching it. Worked for Col.Borman at EAL (actually briefed him a couple of times). Also met Mr. Dan Golden when he was at TRW and gave him a briefing when he was administrator, when I was with FedEx.
    NASA turned into a PR machine in the 90's. Some good people but overall it was sad given what it once was.

  4. Watched it live sitting in a bar in Rome... Something like 0300 in the morning. Walking back to the pensione, EVERY TV we saw was on and pointed into the street and people were everywhere!!!

  5. I remember my parents telling me to come watch but we were out playing and as kids do, took our time coming in and missed it.


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