Saturday, July 6, 2013

Meanwhile, at Long Beach Airport.....

A banner tower went down on takeoff.

Looks like he struck a power pole, sheared off a wing, and came down on an embankment of the 405 freeway.

He walked away.....

And he just barely cleared the freeway....



  1. It wasn't a Piper. Something else that starts with an "E" that I've heard of before. Generally used as an STOL.

  2. Ouch, too slow on the pickup, and stalled it in maybe???

  3. So was Kalifornia swatting planes out of the sky yesterday?

  4. The only thing I've read about what caused the crash is "suspected propeller trouble".

    Since most of the local news outlets reported the aircraft type as a "Cessna 150" (for banner towing??), I'd doubt the accuracy of "propeller trouble"!

  5. That pilot is very fortunate, to say the least.

  6. HAH!

    Took me a few but I got it.

    For those that didn't......just as any Evil Black Rifle is an "AK-47" to the newsroom drones, any small, high-winged airplane is a "Cessna 150".

    Correct. NFO?


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