Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Duke" Is On His Way


I received the shipping notice from the CMP this afternoon.

Since they ship FedEx overnight, I'll pick him up tomorrow on my way home from work.

Then I'll spend some time learning how to field strip and clean him, and make plans to hit the range.


  1. I hope so.

    Seeing as I've never used aperture sights, I'll probably have to learn to shoot all over again.

    I have a sling for it I got from the RWVA, over 100 clips, everything I need to properly clean and maintain it (GREASE, not OIL!), and 5 or 6 books on it that I've read cover-to-cover several times.

    We're busy this weekend, so the earliest I could get to the rifle range is the 20th or 21st.

  2. Aperture sights are great! You're gonna be one happy camper!

  3. That's what I hear. I bought a set for my little Marlin 1894 Carbine, but misplaced them somewhere when I moved in with the YF.

    And my instructor for the Tactical Shotgun classes I took said once you put a set on your shotgun, you'll treat it like a whole different gun since it's so easy to get it on target.

    I put a red dot sight on my 870, but I had to take off my 5 round 'side saddle' to mount the rail adapter. All I have to do is drill and tap the 870 receiver for a rear aperture or 'Ghost Ring' sight, and then I could put the side saddle back on. Since I'm planning on taking the thing down to component level to re-blue it, I'll drill and tap it then.

  4. Congrats! You are gonna love it!

  5. Thanks, everybody.

    It's taken almost 120 days from when I sent in the paperwork and payment, until I received the shipping notice yesterday afternoon.

    According to the FedEx website, it's been delivered!

    I'll post some pix tonight. This one is a CMP "Special Grade", with a new barrel, new wood, and other new parts "as required".

    I'm most interested in the serial number on the receiver. It would be nice to have one made during WWII, so I can honor another veteran of that conflict.

  6. Yay!!! Special Grade is awesome! I want to get another but I want a Korean-eara International Harvester.

  7. Fantastic. Can hardly wait for the AAR, and lots of pics! And you'll love the aperture sights.

    Bring it up here.

  8. BANG! BANG!

    The sounds of happiness.


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