Wednesday, July 24, 2013

New Dogs!

Well, we finally found a couple of dogs. We've been working with some Pit Bull rescue places, and last weekend one of the places we were working with brought two we had previously met over for a trial stay.

"Swisher" (named after the Swisher Sweets cigars) is a 3 year old male Pit Bull/Boxer mix, and "Pebbles" is a 10 month old female Pit Bull.

Swisher has had obedience training, and is a joy to walk. He stops at every intersection, looks up at you, and then sits down until you tell him to heel, and away we go. It took him a couple of walks to get used to our style of walking, but he remembered his training, and settled right in to taking our lead.

Pebbles, well....not so much!

She still has a lot of "puppy" in her, and I swear she could pull my Jeep down the street, so we still have a lot of work to do with her.

They've both been fixed, have all their shots, get along great together, and are fully house-broken.

I'll post some pix later.

It sure is nice to have wagging tails again to greet me when I get home from work!


  1. That sounds great - looking forward to 'seeing' them. :)

  2. Nice!!! And good luck with the training on Pebbles, it's late to get her trained...

  3. I haven't given up hope on training Pebbles. She's really a sweet dog, and listens very well.
    She'll 'sit' on command, reliably come when called, and lets you know when she needs to go outside.

    I think she just gets easily distracted on her walks because it's a new neighborhood to her, with all those new and exciting sounds and smells.

  4. Excellent! Walking Barkley is somewhat reminiscent of that scene in the novel "Moby Dick" about the "Nantucket Sleighride".


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