Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Ever Wonder What's Inside A Silencer?

Well....you can go here and see!



  1. Awesome! Never knew there were so many different designs! Never thought much about the carbon buildup, either - I figured you'd have to clean 'em out once in a while, but some of those looked like they'd never been touched.

  2. They're intricate, but don't seem to be beyond the home craftsman by any means. They regulate the heck out of them, as I recall. It struck me as even more restrictive than lower receivers. I think you can't even have any of the pieces, like some of those lathe-turned cones, without getting big fines.

    SiGraybeard at work.

  3. I remember F-Troop coming down HARD on some guy that had a bunch of rubber washers that were the size they use for the 'wipers' in some suppressor designs.

    I guess we need more "Rubber Washer Control"!


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