Monday, July 29, 2013

Syncom Satellite Launched 50 years ago

Found the following article at the L.A. Times website while I was perusing the local news.

How a satellite called Syncom changed the world

I remembered watching the Tokyo Olympics, and being very interested in how a satellite could stay put over one part of the earth without having a rocket motor to keep it in place. 

Years (many!) later when I was working for Hughes Aircraft I got to see some of the gentlemen mentioned in the article at company seminars and talks.

And later still when I worked for DirecTV, I got to meet Eddy Hartenstein, who was one of the principles in developing Direct-To-Home ("DTH") television broadcasting.

 The original Syncom weighed in at about 150 pounds, fueled.

The last satellite the place I work at now attempted to launch weighed in at a little under fourteen THOUSAND pounds.


We sure have come a long way....



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