Thursday, October 4, 2012

Yes, I Watched/Listened To The "Debate"

I didn't quite get the impression that Romney "mopped the floor" with 0Bama, but I did get the impression that he came across as intelligent, sincere, and full of energy.

I particularly liked the part where 0Bama was crying about the 2.8 billion "Tax Breaks" being given to the oil companies. Romney countered with it was mostly an accounting method, and came slamming back with the 100 billion 0Bama had spent on "Green Energy", and he proceeded to name the companies 0Bama has bestowed all this wealth redistribution upon, and commented that in one term, he spent FIFTY TIMES  that amount on failed "Green Energy" programs.

 “You don’t just pick the winners and losers. You pick the losers.”

I think that will go down in history as the entire 0Bama policy.

Brietbart has an excellent review of the debate.

Be sure to read the comments. Some of them are hilarious.

"The new tingle Matthews has is urine running down his leg from peeing his pants."

" And we all know that if Obama did nothing more than belch and drool all over the mic for the entire debate the alphabet media would still say Obama won big."

" Does anyone have one of those 23 million jobs the president created?"

It should be very interesting to watch the Ryan/Biden spectacle.



  1. Obama cannot "win" any future debates other than by character assassination against Romney, no matter how well-prepared he may be, by then.

    A famous author once remarked, "You can't argue with truth." Sure you can; liberals do it all day long.

  2. Like Romney said about his 5 sons....they keep telling him a lie, and hope he believes it!

  3. i missed it, but I'm damn sure going to watch the next one!

  4. I think the next one is Ryan/Biden, and the 0bama and Romney will square off again on Foreign Policy.

    THAT one ought to be really entertaining!


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