Monday, October 22, 2012

Prediciton For Tonights Debate

Shamelessly "borrowed" from Hope n' Change Cartoons.

I'm a little 'out of it' today, as I just got back from the Doctor recommended Alien Anal Probe, aka colonoscopy.

Whatever they knocked me out with was/is rather enjoyable, as the bursitis is my shoulder doesn't bother me today.

I still feel it, I just don't give a damn about it!



  1. I'm going for the "Honey Whiskey" treatment!

  2. Ah yes... now tomorrow morning you WILL be feeling it... :-)

  3. @PISSED: "Honey Whiskey" treatment? Like for a bad cold?

    @Old_NFO: Just woke up from a nice nap, but still feeling a bit 'spaced out'.
    Tomorrow afternoon I get the enjoyable experience of getting a cortisone shot in the shoulder!

  4. Oh joy... THOSE leave a mark... It'll feel SO good when it quits hurting!

  5. Well....the Worker's Comp Doctor did a bunch of strength and mobility tests, asked some questions, and then decided I probably didn't need the shot, but he'd give it to me if I wanted it.

    I said "No thanks" and went home!


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