Friday, October 5, 2012

Busy This Weekend

So I probably won't be posting much.

Saturday morning I have my monthly radio club breakfast, and then we're giving a Commercial Radio License Exam, and then I have to go over to the USS IOWA and turn in my paperwork, and get badged.

JOTA (Jamboree On The Air) for the Boy Scouts for our area is going to be held onboard the IOWA on October 20th, and since I'm running the satellite station, I have to finish my paperwork to be a volunteer.

Which means I have about 12 days to finish building my new "portable" satellite antenna system, get it tested, and round up all the gear I'd normally take out on Field Day.

The last of the parts I needed came in this afternoon, so I can begin in earnest Saturday afternoon. I've got most of the small sub-assemblies, cables, mounting plates, etc, all made, but I still have to bolt everything together and see how it plays.

Should be an interesting two weeks.....


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  1. Go have fun, and prepare to be amazed as to how quickly the Scouts will pick up on what you're doing and start asking questions!


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