Saturday, October 6, 2012

ARRRRGH!......Garbage Disposal Blew!!

WELL.....I was right in the middle of machining some adapter plates out in the garage when my wife walks in.

"You're NOT going to want to hear this.........."

There was a massive water leak under the sink, and since I put a nice new faucet assembly on it a couple of weeks ago, I immediately thought the worst.

Turns out the water was POURING out of the circuit breaker ( !! ) button on the garbage disposal!

And the breaker hadn't tripped, and the panel breaker hadn't tripped......

I unplugged it, and off we went to Home Depot.

I looked up the specs on the "Badger 100" that was in there, and found out of ALL the reviews listed, the HIGHEST review was a "2".

Her oldest son had installed it about three years ago, and all the reviews said you were lucky if you got TWO years out of it. It's been jamming a lot lately, and tripping the breaker once in a while, so I guess the "extra" year we got out of it was just luck.

Now in the process of installing the new one, and just about finished, but had to take a break. I'm not as young as I used to be (who isn't?), and working on my back, under the sink, has a tendency to put kinks in me.

The replacement we bought got 12 "5 Star" reviews, so I'm hoping replacing a $79/ 1 year warranty disposer with a $180/ FIVE YEAR warranty model will be worth the money and effort.

It's pretty cheap of them to NOT include a $3 power cord, so I'm going to reuse the old cord.

And the conduit fitting.

And the wire nuts.


It's all connected, no leaks, and works as expected.

It's very quiet, and seems like it could grind up small branches. Everything we've put in so it so far just disappears with a 'whoosh'. This one is a two-stage grinder, which is supposedly "Better for the Environment".

Now while I'm by no means a "greenie", we do some commons sense stuff like separate the plastic bottles and aluminum cans, flatten them, and take them to a place that buys them for more than the CRV.

Since we have two trash containers here in Long Beach, one for regular garbage, and one for 'Recylables', I wonder how long before The Gubmint will demand we turn our valuable trash over to them instead of selling it ourselves.

Back to the disposal.....This "Better for the Environment" pap is proudly printed on the box, showing a "Circle of Political Correctness", printed in GREEN, showing food being put down the disposer, going to a Sewage Treatment Plant, then a picture of a tractor, and finally a picture of an apple, all proudly printed in GREEN, with a "vegetable based soy ink", the idea being that since this unit grinds the waste to smaller particles, it's easier to process in the STP, making for better fertilizer, which grows pretty green apples, and all is wonderful in the world.

Having worked in many Sewage Treatment Plants in a former career as an Industrial Controls Field Service Engineer, I can safely tell you that the size of the food particles coming out of your kitchen disposal has absolutely NO effect on the efficiency of the treatment palnt.


You could practically stuff a whole cow through one of these plants and it would reduce it down to sludge.

I'll admit that smaller bits going into a home septic system is probably a Good Thing, but to an industiral-scale treament plant? HAH!

And somebody at Insinkerator probably got a nice bonus for putting this crap on the package.

Oh, least the new disposer works very well, and it's extremely quiet.



  1. Sorry you had to replace the old unit, but sounds like you did a good job with the new one. I hope it outlives its life expectancy, too.

  2. Well....I wanted to replace is several months ago, because I know these things have a way of going belly up at most inconvenient times, like a Saturday night!
    The wife said to hold off on it, and let it limp along until it failed completely. Neither of us expected it to start leaking out of the housing, though. We both figured it would either just quit, or get so jammed I couldn't free it again.
    Have to admit the new one is nice. It's so quiet that you can barely hear it running, and even a large quantity of food waste just goes 'whoosh!' and it's gone!


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