Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Pretty Much Recovered

From both the big JOTA event on the USS IOWA, and the, uhhhh......colonoscopy I had Monday.

The Doctor gave me a clean (hah...pun intended!) bill of health, although he had to use a couple of "clips" to seal off the ends of one of the 'dingleberries' he removed.

He said I "might" have some cramps, but don't worry about them, as they'd pass.

Monday night / Tuesday morning I woke up repeatedly feeling like a mule had just kicked me below the belt.

Cramps? Yeah, right........POW! here comes another one.

My sweet wife looked at me Tuesday morning, and said she'd call my boss and let him know I wouldn't be in.

Anyway.....I've always been sympathetic to what our lady friends feel every month or so, and now I'm a bit more sympathetic to you ladies.

SO....that explains why I've been out-of-action since Sunday, when I was drinking a freakin' GALLON of this "stuff", and reeeeal busy in the latrine.

And I've been digging out some goodies for a friend who's working on a REAL "Ham" radio.

I should get those shipped out late this week, or early next week so she can continue along on her project.


  1. Oh yeah... I caught up on my reading while getting cleared out... :-)

  2. Glad you're feeling better, sir.

  3. I remember thinking I just didn't have room to drink anymore, then voila! I had room.

  4. I stretched it out. They wanted me to start drinking 8 ounces every 15 minutes, starting at 6pm.
    I didn't think that would work out very well, so I started drinking 8 ounces every 30 minutes at about 10am, and drinking some extra water in between.


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