Saturday, November 19, 2011

A Few Pictures from The Edwards AFB Museum

I didn't take my "real" camera with me as I didn't know if they'd allow it on the base without some kind of special permission. Seeing as it took us 30 minutes to clear the main gate with our vehicles, it probably wouldn't have been allowed.
BTW...I thanked all the young 'uns doing guard duty, and they all said "You're welcome"!
Some of the pictures were taken at "Century Circle", which is a little park outside the West gate where we waited for our escort. The others were taken outside the museum where they have a small static exhibit of various aircraft. I didn't try to take any pictures inside, as I was too awed at the items in the museum, and just wanted to soak up the experience rather than trying to get some decent pictures with my cellphone camera.
They're taking donations to get a much larger building to house the incredible array of Really Neat Stuff they have in storage, so I dropped $20 into the donation box.
I bought some tee shirts and a nice print called "The Golden Age Of Flight Test" which is numbered and signed by the artist, and six of the test pilots who helped make all this happen.
Enjoy the slide show, meager as it is, and you can learn more about the museum here.
Air Force Flight Test Center Museum

For more information on SR-71A #61-7955, go to SR-71 Online.

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