Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Headed Out To The Range!

My son and I are headed out to Angeles Shooting Range Wednesday morning. I got the barrel swapped out on my Remington 1100, the scope mounted and 'rough zeroed', and a LimbSaver recoil pad added.
I also checked my Marlin 336 out, and re-centered the reticle in the scope on that one. Since I now have a Lead Sled and some shot-filled bags, I'm going to re-zero the scope on that one, too.
The scope on the 1100 is a cheapie Simmons 2.5x20, identical to the one I gave wirecutter to use on his air rifle, but it's called a "Shotgun Scope", so we'll see how well it holds up to the battering an 1100 shooting slugs gives it. When I went to install it Monday afternoon, I realized I had the wrong mounting rings for it. ARRRRGH! I fired off a quick order to Cabela's, and also ordered a 2-7x32 Nikon ProStaff 'Shotgun Hunter' scope, as I have my doubts about the Simmons lasting very long!
Well, like a dummy I ordered it shipped overnite, and right after I clicked "Submit Order", I realized it couldn't possibly be here Tuesday (today), as I ordered it after 11:30 CST, which is Cabela's cut-off time!
SO.....I hopped in the car, and drove over to Turner's Outdoorsman, and picked up a set of Leupold rings for it.
Now this, of course, means another trip up to the outdoor range (Oh, DARN!) to sight in the new scope after it gets here and I swap out the Simmons.
And I picked up a couple of boxes of Winchester "Supreme Elite" (kinda sounds like the current government, eh?) Sabot slugs so I can compare them to the Remington "Premier Copper Solid" Sabot slugs I already have.
The Winchester's have a 375 grain slug, and an "On-The-Box" muzzle velocity of 1800 fps!
I'll bet they kick like a mad mule.
A real MAD mule.
So, looking forward to a nice, pleasant, relaxing ( ! ) day at the range on Wednesday sighting in the Marlin (Thanks OldNFO!!) and seeing if I can even control the slugs out of "Zombie Zapper MkI".
I have a funny feeling my right shoulder is going to be screaming at me all the way home......

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